Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

This site was conceived as a homeowner resource.  Check it often for the most up to date information about activities, events and neighborhood news.  This site provides access to Association related information  and is a convenient means for homeowners to communicate with the Association Board.

Tennis Courts!
Posted on Apr 30th, 2014
River Place Tennis Courts
The River Place tennis courts have been renovated and are ready for play.  The tennis courts are intended for River Place Residents and their guests and are to be used for tennis, not other activities.  If you are a tennis player and would like to be more involved with River Place tennis, please consider serving on the Tennis Court Committee!  We are seeking volunteers to establish rules, schedule community tennis events, and propose other improvements.  Please contact one of the HOA Tennis Co-Chairs:  Allyn Testroet 254-613-4586 or Laura Bonnet (440) 783-2171.
2014 Belton Lions Club U.S. Flag Program
Posted on Apr 4th, 2014
Attached is the new brochure/subscription application for the Belton Lions Club U.S. Flag Program.  If you are interested in participating in the program print page 2 of the brochure and return it with your name, address and payment to the address on the top left side of the brochure.
New Garbage and Recycling Schedule
Posted on Jan 9th, 2014
The new City of Belton Garbage and Recycling program began on January 6, 2014.  For River Place neighborhoods, our new day for weekly garbage collection is Friday, using the new garbage bin with the GREEN lid.  The first day for garbage collection under the new schedule is Friday, January 10, 2014.  Also, our new day for bi-weekly recycling collection is Wednesday, using the new recycling bin with YELLOW lid.  The first day for recycling collection under the new schedule is Wednesday, January 15, 2014.  For more information go to: http://www.beltontexas.gov/recycling.
Belton Police E-Watch
Posted on Oct 31st, 2013
Join BPD E-Watch
Please join the Belton Police Department (BPD) virtual neighborhood watch program, E-Watch.  BPD will use it to rapidly communicate crime alerts and public safety information to Belton businesses and residents using text and email.  Your voluntary participation will help us reduce crime and improve the quality of life in Belton.  To sign up, please visit the E-watch page on the City website at: www.beltontexas.gov/ewatch.  Call (254) 933-5840 or email police@beltontexas.gov for more information.
Welcome to the River Place Website
Posted on Jul 20th, 2010
 Welcome to the new River Place homeowners website!  We are proud of this new communication tool which is available to all registered owners in our neighborhood.  If this is your first visit, please click the Register link above the Welcome section.  Once we confirm your request, you will receive access to the Member section.  The Member section allows you to communicate with your neighbors and/or board members in a secured area that only other registered neighbors can view.  Have questions for the homeowner's association board?  Looking for a sitter? Lost a pet? Want to announce a garage sale?  All this and more is available in the Member section.  Our website can be as useful as we want to make it - Register today!!
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Useful Information
River Place HOA Management Company
Our HOA is managed by Bill Jones with Accent Real Estate Services.  You can visit their website to view HOA documents or pay dues online.  http://www.accentres.com
Prevention of Oak Wilt
River Place Estates has many beautiful oak trees throughout the subdivision which enhances the beauty as well as the value of our homes.  Oak wilt is a real problem in Central Texas (not excluding River Place) which can kill trees very quickly and spread if certain precautions are not taken.   
Oak wilt is the most destructive disease affecting live oaks and red oaks in Central Texas.  Most of the tree mortality results from tree-to-tree through root systems once an oak wilt center becomes established.  New infections are caused when beetles carry oak wilt fungal spores from infected trees to fresh open wounds on healthy oaks.  Wounds are caused by wind, hail, vehicles, construction, squirrels, birds and pruning.  Insects that carry the fungal spores are most prevalent in the spring.  Below is a brief description to reduce the risk of fungal spread when pruning.
Always paint fresh wounds on oaks with wound dressing or latex paint immediately after pruning.
Clean all pruning tools with 10% bleach solution between sites or trees.
If possible, avoid pruning between February 1 and June 30.
Debris from diseased oaks should be immediately chipped, burned or destroyed.
If you are looking to plant new trees that are not as susceptible to oak wilt you can plant white oaks which include bur, chinquapin, Monterrey and post oaks.  Red Oaks and Live Oaks are most susceptible.  
If you have any questions you may contact a Texas Oak Wilt Certified Arborist, or the Bell County Extension Office.
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